The goal of Dreamscapes is to help us integrate greater self-awareness, peace, harmony, and joy into our lives. Within each of us lies great intuitive wisdom. Connecting to spirit enables us to know our destiny and live with greater purpose, passion, and integrity. It is our destiny, dharma, or path to live fulfilling lives, helping make the world a better place–much like heaven on earth. It’s also our destiny to eventually reach self-realization or enlightenment where we no longer experience the pain and limitations of the physical body. In our soul or spirit we are always free, especially in the dream state where we go forward in time each night to self-heal and view unlimited possibilities.

Dreamscapes provides guidance for living wisely and well. Although the courses and books are spiritual in nature, they do not subscribe to one religion or philosophy. They are taught with the belief that there is on set of universal truths, principals, or laws available to everyone.

Dreamscapes offers several workshops that can be taught to groups of any size. Workshops are based on the books, Dreamwork Uncovered and The Genius of Spirit. Individual dream counselling  is also available.The Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator is used for self-awareness and discovery, career counselling, conflict resolution, marriage counselling, and team building. Rounding out the list of services are individual or group yoga classes, including yoga in the garden, emphasizing the spiritual, emotional, and meditative benefits of this practice. Qigong classes with a meditative, healing focus are also offered in several locations. For more information Contact  marina.quattro@bellnet.ca



  1. Hello Marina. Thanks for your two books, Dreamwork Uncovered and The Genius of Spirit. Having finished the first and now reading the second I am energized to follow the changes that appear to be happening to my Self; my soul. Having been involved with my own Spirituality since for ever, but consciously since 1999 your two books are wonderful additions to my journey. Thank you for writing these two books! 🙂

    And thank you for autographing The Genius of Spirit that Ruthie sent to me, greatly appreciated. In return may you always know and have peace, love and light.

    Btw, the picture at the top of the page, is it taken at Otter Lake or the lower Rideau? Sure looks familiar.

    Take care
    Love & Light

  2. Marina, is “The Genius of Spirit” available as an audio book?

    1. Hi Penny,
      Thanks so much for your interest in “The Genius of Spirit.” It is available in digital format and I believe most devices give you the option of listening to it. Hope you enjoy it.
      Marina Quattrocchi

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